Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring One Day, Winter The Next

Why are blogs like mouths? Because you open them and end up sounding like a proper dill.

Last time I mused that spring was springing. Finally. I had started my onion seeds, followed rapidly by the tomatoes, capsicum, chillies, various lettuces - in fact, the whole gamut.

About ten days later - which is to say, only a couple of weeks ago - this is what we woke to:
That's not a photo taken through a dirty window. Nor has a cotton-stuffed cushion been disembowelled and tossed in the air.

It's snow. That's right. S.N.O.W.

The seeds that had germinated were already basking in their little greenhouse warmed by the spring sunshine.

Well, they were, until they discovered they were looking out on snow:
I'd also uncovered the strawberries from their winter cocoon of a triple layer of garden fleece:
That's them just visible on the right. They coped. Remarkable plants, strawbs. Now they're flowering.

Tomorrow, 19C is forecast. The day after? The garden shudders to think.


Anonymous said...

I'd write a much longer sympatico comment, but I have to rush about rescuing my baby lettuces from the 30C+ sun.And then I have to slather more burn lotion on my painful parts.
Basil? Bolted. Probably heading for Tuscany...

The Gardener said...

I'll keep an eye out for it. Ours is just germinating.

r garriott said...

Same here across the pond. The snowy season is just beginning Augh!!

Scintilla @ Bell'Avventura said...

I have now learn't not to plant beans before the 15th of May in Luxembourg. I have seen snow on cherry blossom here!

The Gardener said...

That's how much further north you are. Ironically, I planted out the first of our stringless French climbers only the other day, having started them in the greenhouse.