Saturday, October 18, 2008

When too much Basilico isn't enough

Last year, with a poultice of basil in the garden and winter rapidly approaching, L'Artista kept promising to do something about it. No sense letting lovely fresh basil go to waste.

No Sirrrrrreeeeee, Roberto.

She promptly let it all go to waste, shrivelled and blackened by the cold.


This year, I've taken charge:

Thus we have plenty of Pesto. Fresh, stored under oil in the fridge for immediate use, with the balance in the freezer, in variously sized portions, minus the reggiano, pecorino and butter, which will be added when the Pesto is thawed for use.

Go you good thing, Pesto.

Pumpkins Shmumpkins Redux!

Sure enough! Yesterday I was prowling the pumpkin patch, railing against the dearth of female flowers and subsequent lack of pumpkins, and what do I find?


And, yes, that's another one developing to its left. And, what's more, there was also this:

Two fat female flowers -

- and nary a male flower in sight. Not even a glimmer of the prospect of one. Not, now, that it matters anyway. It's late October, the patch is in permanent shade, autumn chill is announcing itself, too late for a pumpkin to grow from scratch.

Hence these potential pumpkins will wither, shrivel and die.

Alongside their chances of being planted again next season.