Sunday, December 28, 2008

You know it really is winter ...

... when the first snow falls on your Tuscan garden.

The strawbs snuggle up under their fleece blanket:

The broad beans tough it out:

As does the garlic:

And the lemon tree shivers inside its overcoat:

In five months time, it will be 35C.

Variety is the spice.


Chef Chuck said...

That Garlic looks to be hanging very good, What type do you have there? Chuck

The Gardener said...

Hi Chuck. I don't know the exact variety. I went down to the local agricolo - the agricultural supplies place - here in town and asked about seed garlic. They had two sorts available - red Italian, white Spanish. I got the red Italian. And, as I mentioned in the blog, I planted only the biggest, fattest and healthiest cloves. I kept the smaller ones for cooking.