Friday, June 6, 2008


Back to the beginning. As Robyn posted, we first saw the garden in March 2006, and it looked like this:

Okay, it wasn't the Chelsea Flower Show, but it wasn't a jungle, either.

We formally signed to buy the property in May 2006, taking possession at the end of July 2006. That's a full Spring and a tad of Summer between first setting eyes on the place and taking possession. At which point it became abundantly clear that not a weed had been bothered by the owner in the interim:

They're the steps on the left.

This was the second level terrace, destined to be the vegie patch:

And this was the top terrace beneath the medieval wall:

Guess who had just a bit of work to do?


Dermott said...

Is that breakfast I see lurking in the left centre of the last photo?

The Gardener said...

Yes, Dermott, it is. You're only about two years too late.

Lindsay said...

What a wonderful home you have! The garden is really amazing. Now I know where all that stone comes from in the photo of my book.