Saturday, May 17, 2008


The Gardener has been weeding. So why am I complaining? Because at this time last year our garden was a mass of poppies.

Now it's a mass of tomato, potato, corn, onion - you name it, plants with one lone poppy here and there.

He says now that he's turned the ground over there will me hundreds of them soon. I'm sitting here, drumming my fingers.


katie jane said...

I hope to get some poppies this year. Everyone always says, "Oh, I just throw some seeds on the ground and then I have poppies." I have planted seeds three years in a row and get nothing! Yours are/were lovely. Hope they come back around the tomatoes and potatoes.

africantapestry said...

Oh, I love that old rose bush in your garden(on the previous post)and I hope the poppies will jump up everywhere soon,, luckliy they self sow so profusely and luckily (hopefully) summer will still be here a while!
PS Just saw your message on the rotation list and I giggled...but don't change it, keep it, we can do the list the way it was...sigh! LOL.

Toni said...

We don't have poppies in our area. Hopefully your gardener is right and you will have a full view of them next year or will they grow this year?

Robyn said...

There's a few coming up now so I guess The Gardener has justified his role for another season.