Monday, April 21, 2008

We Buy a Tuscan Garden

We found our Tuscan Garden on March 18, 2006. We had seen an ad. for an apartment in the Centro Storico (Historical Centre) of our town in Tuscany about six months before but, since we were supposed to only be staying in Italy for two years, we hadn't inspected the property. Now, The Gardener in our partnership decided he wanted to have a look anyway.

He didn't pause from the moment he entered the apartment - it was straight through and out the back door!

Which took him across this little bridge....

And into his idea of Paradise!

I started to get interested when I saw the big terrace, at the end of which there was a small building that looked like a potential studio for my art.

The Gardener was keen that I should climb up to the top of the garden.

And this is what I saw. Lovely views across the houses to the Tuscan hills beyond.

I also noted that the garden was a bit of a mess!

The Gardener however, was already planning tomato beds.

And the terrace did have potential - if only I could keep it free of bags of manure and tomato seedlings.

Very nice views, said the Real Estate Agent. I said I thought there were signs of a leaking roof in the living room.

Just look at that view, said The Gardener.

Just look how close the neighbours are, said I.

Regardless, we abandoned our intention to return to Australia on the spot. We made an offer on the apartment. And that's how we came to have Our Tuscan Garden.

I've created this blog because I have taken such a lot of photographs as the garden has evolved. My plan was to paint everything as it appeared but frankly I can't keep up. I will post a few of my garden paintings here but it will largely be the photos of what has gone on - and as I catch up to present day - what is going on, in Our Tuscan Garden.